Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update: Mortis Rex is Set to Go

Looks like Mortis Rex (US-[in production]; dir. Peter Briggs), which we've been following via hints, hopes and conceptual art for some time, is definitely underway.

Director Peter Briggs (who wrote the Hellboy script) will be at this year's San Diego Comic Con promoting the film and its new teaser poster (see below). According to BloodyDisgusting News, the $30m supernatural horror-thriller starts casting next week and being distributed by Intandem Films ("How To Lose Friends And Alienate People"); with FX duties being handled by Pixomondo ("Red Baron"; Emmerich's "2012"; the Wachowskis' "Ninja Assassin"; and the recently announced remake of "The Gate".)
Mortis Rex tells the story of Cassius Virius, a disgraced Roman soldier, who is sent to Scotland to team up with Syrus Petronius, the washed-up commander of the Roman fort of Briga Magna on Hadrian's Wall. Briga Magna has been suffering a spate of inexplicable deaths, which Cassius suspects is connected to the local hostile Druid populace, who may be readying another rebellion. What he actually uncovers is much more deadly and horrifying.

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