Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update: The Conquered: Curse of the Shaman

Producer/director Benjamin Cooper has been in touch to let us know that his Indian Mummy revenge tale, The Conquered: Curse of the Shaman, is currently in post-production, having been put on hold somewhat in order for work to be completed on Primitive, which stars Reggie Bannister (of Phantasm fame) and an SFX beast with a bad attitude.

Undead Backbrain introduced readers to The Conquered: Curse of the Shaman back in August last year, so check that article out for the beginner's details. Now Cooper has given us a glimpse of the very lovely central monster, played by Gregory Paul Smith (Dire Wolf):

Above: Rachel Riley (The Brink) and Gregory Paul Smith

We'll keep you informed on the film's progress as news comes to hand. Meanwhile, here are some more pics:
Above: Rachel Riley
Above: Hester Van Hooven
Above: Rachel Riley
Above: (L to R) Eric Spudic, Jason Lockhart,
Rachel Riley, Erik Kowalski, Hester Van Hooven
Above: Quynh Khang
Above: Michael Teh (Lost Colony: Wraiths of Roanoke)
Above: Daniel Schweiger (Free Enterprise)
Above: Ed Denette as the Shaman
Above: Adonis Cruz (DP)
Above: Jason Lockhart
  • Source: Benjamin Cooper via Avery