Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Shark Movie: Swamp Shark

Water monsters, and sharks in particular, are certainly riding the crest of a wave. Undead Backbrain recently highlighted Fred Olen Ray's latest monster flick, the awesome Super Shark, which ups the ante on Jaws and even Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (though not, perhaps, Sharktopus) by offering us a mutant shark that is not only huge but walks on land and flies!

SyFy Channel's latest, however, is a shark that is apparently unique in that it "swims, kills people and is out there" ... out there being in the swamp with the alligators. The film has the frankly not-very-inspiring title, Swamp Shark (US-2011; dir. Griff Furst), though hopefully once the shark starts being more proactive it will fulfilled the promise of the general sense of urgency created by the trailer's gun-tottin' Kristy Swanson, the numerous shouting voices, the interestingly atypical fin and the brief climactic view of its large (though not unnaturally so) mouth.

At least the film's got Robert Davi's rugged visage in it. For me, his presence always offers a degree of credibility.

  • Source: io9 via Avery.
  • Written by Robert Hood

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