Friday, April 29, 2011

Exclusive: Millennium Bug at Work Behind the Scenes

With the much-anticipated hillbilly horror / giant monster film, The Millennium Bug, about to chomp down on us, producer James Cran has sent the Backbrain news of updates to an ongoing Behind-the-Scenes video seriesthat is appearing on The Millennium Blog -- as well as some intriguing images.

Already up is Part 1: The Script, detailing the development of the script, as is Part 2: The Monster, which offers insight into the monster itself and How It Was Done.

Also recently added is Part 3: The Storyboards, in which director Ken Cran talks about his Hitchcockian approach to creating ultra-detailed storyboards that were critical in ensuring that every shot was captured correctly for compositing later. Here are some pictures relating to the process, some of them exclusive to this site:

Just up is Part 4: The Warehouse. In this installment Cran recollects finding the 700 sq. ft. warehouse that would barely provide the space needed to shoot the movie. It provides fascinating insight into this intriguing project.
  • Source: Producer James Cran.

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