Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rugaru: A Cajun Monstrosity

Wendigo? Loup-Garou? Wolf-headed man? Rugaru? Whatever, it's a swamp monster and that's always a good thing, right? Check out this early rough teaser (which was a test run and is not reflective of the final product, we're told).

Rugaru (US-2012; dir. Tony Severio) is a new in-production horror film that features a monster, a voodoo curse and lots of doomed people. It's about to go into full production but just the trailer is looking good, so this is another independent feature we can be hopeful about.

Voodoo is unleashed in a small backwoods bayou town in the form of a large hairy beast which comes face to face with an unlikely hero with his own curse. A thug from the bayou releases horror in the deep backwoods after soliciting the services of a nefarious voodoo witch for protection - giving rise to a terrifying creature of Cajun folklore. After a convict disappears, parole officer Claude Bruneaux investigates -- only to discover the curse plaguing the tiny swamp community. An unlikely hero with his own demons, he races to unlock the mystery which has summoned the beast. With nothing to lose, Bruneaux struggles between his own trial of finding peace within...and getting out alive beyond what waits for him in the murky bayou.
 Final Official Trailer:

Behind the Scenes Images:


  • Randall Oliver - Lead, Plays Claude Bruneaux
  • Joe Estevez - Mitch.  The wicked sheriff.
  • Amye Gousset - Lana.  Claude's Wife
  • Chrisopher Severio - Blake.  A bad guy that teams with Claude
  • Krystal Tomlin - Malida.  The Voodoo expert.
  • Robert Douthat - Ian Causey.  The nemesis in the film other than the Rugaru!
  • Brittany Merrett - The Voodoo Witch
  • Chris Ranney
  • Blain Sanchez
  • Chesney Mitchell - Suzanne.  Claude's daughter who becomes tangled in the web!
  • Chad Graham
  • Jerry Lopez
  • Michael Bienvenu
  • Carlos Young
  • Teresa Alvarez
  • Renesha Tobias
  • Chip Mefford
  • Brock Hoffpauir
  • Latasha Williams
  • Tony Severio
  • Natalie Sharp
  • Michael Arnona
  • Kelly Robin
  • Suzanne Severio
  • Ronnie Hooks
  • Joey Mcrae
  • Mark Rayner
  • Michael Patrick Rogers
  • Tony Severio - Writer/Director
  • Chip Mefford - Assistant Director
  • John Wee - Director of Photography
  • Rhonda Aguillard - Producer
  • Brandon Scott Murphree - Special Makeup Effects/Creature Creator
  • Sound - Jonathan G. Berguno
Source: Tony Severio via Avery Guerra.
Further InformationOfficial website (lots of pics); Facebook page.

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