Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Return to Yucca Flats Poster

Undead Backbrain introduced you to Return to Yucca Flats: Desert Man-Beast (US-2010; dir. Leon Cowan) -- a remake of a bad 1961 film, The Beast of Yucca Flats (dir. Coleman Francis) -- back in February last year, when it was in post-production.

Well, now writer, producer and PR expert David C. Hayes has sent us the official poster and a few words of encouragement.

With a tag line like:

“30 Corpses… 1 Man Beast… 0 Plot.”

what can we expect? Quite a lot actually. Hayes claims that the film is "the worst movie ever". That's a big call! And given that it features a gaggle of girls in bikinis, it may be better than Robot Monster by default. Only time will tell.

Hayes added that the DVD would be available from Amazon in the next couple of months. So you can find out then if it lives down to the hype.

Source: David C. Hayes via Avery

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