Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brief update: Sector 7

Information on Je-gyun Yun's ongoing Sector 7 production has been sadly lacking. As a filler, Flix Unlimited provides slightly more detail on the plot and the nature of the monsters:
“Sector 7” is about an oil platform in the middle of the ocean that is attacked by a mutant monster. The monster is believed to have come from a strange virus. As the monster emerges, the people on the oil platform do what they can to save themselves.
Apparently negotiations with "US producers" into possible funding arrangements are ongoing. Je-gyun Yun, whose previous film -- the tsunami disaster epic Haeundae (South Korea-2009; dir. Je-gyun Yun) -- was a huge success, particularly in its home country, is working on the script.

Source: Avery

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