Friday, September 24, 2010

Corman vs Sharktopus: Shocking News!

News from behind the scenes of Sharktopus (directed by Declan O'Brien) -- the SyFy Channel mutant shark flick that's sweeping the internet -- reveals that all has not been sweetness and light. The following YouTube statement from producer Roger Corman tells it all:

As the film premieres on the SyFy Channel this Saturday (in North America), paparazzi shots of Sharktopus throwing tantrums and beating up on his co-stars have come to light. Here are some of them:

It's sad to see how easily success can strangle the cognitive ganglia of a new star on the cusp of their big break-through -- well before we've even seen if they have the chops to make a go of acting beyond the confines of an ocean-FX tank and a trailer or two.

See the extended trailer on Undead Backbrain and three new clips can been seen on io9.

To be fair, however, there may be two sides to the story. Here's what Sharktopus had to say for himself:

You'll have to watch the film to make up your own mind.

Meanwhile, have a listen to the theme song from the Cheetah Whores:

An article about the band appears on Monster Island News.

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