Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sacrifice News

Making independent giant monster films can be a lengthy process. The indie giant monster film Sacrifice (US; dir. Bob Nelson) premiered on the big screen in August, with more showings in September. A DVD release is forthcoming. Pre-orders are being taken via the website.

The progress of Sacrifice can be measured in terms of "Making of" and "Production" clips, such as those that follow. We still don't know anything about the nature of the giant monster (apart from the fact that it's giant and monstrous), but hey, we giant monster fans are patient, right? (See links below for earlier information, posters etc.)

Sacrifice is the story of choices. Woven into the story are the impact of the choices we make, be they 500 years ago or today. the story follows the discovery of a potential weapon of mass destruction in southern Arizona, and the pursuit of answers by a young couple and the military. What they find is a threat that is (literally and figuratively) larger than all of them as they set loose a giant monster, which subsequently seeks to destroy civilization as we know it.

Art Director Mike Robinson is also working on a comicbook adaptation of the film (see page rough, without text, below). An article in The East Valley Tribune has brief but informative comments from Robinson, director Bob Nelson, and Director of photography Kent Markwart on both the film and the graphic novel.

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