Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Shark Bait

If it's not snakes, it's giant mutated sharks! After Mega-Shark vs Giant Octopus (US-2009; dir. Ace Hannah), Sharktopus (US-2010; dir. Declan O’Brien), and news of Swamp Shark (US-2011; dir. Griff Furst), Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws (NZ-[in development]; dir. Andrew Todd and Johnny Hall) and Fred Olen Ray's Super Shark, now we're told that the less-than-awesomely-titled Psycho Shark -- a Japanese addition to the meme -- is about to be released to DVD.

The question is, does this poster give a true indication of the shark's size? If so, I'm there!

Addendum: Apparently the size as indicated here is accurate. Here are a few indicative screenshoots, courtesy of Agressions Animales:

Called "Jaws in Japan" in its home country, the film has been given the title Psycho Shark to avoid unnecessary litigation problems that might arise from copyright infringement relating to Mr Spielberg's 1975 mega-hit. Meanwhile, Japanese publicity for Psycho Shark (Japan-2009; dir. John Hijiri) is emphasising the non-acting attractions of its two female leads more than it is the actual title monster -- both of them (Nonami Takizawa and Airi Nakajima, that is) being "bikini models" (see SciFi Japan for visual details, plus the image above).

They may very well provide some compensation in the event that the film is otherwise as bad as Japanese reviews have suggested it is.

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