Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comedy on the Set of Return of the Killer Shrews

Anyone who reads either of the Undead Backbrain sites should know by now that a sequel/remake of the 1959 el cheapo horror film The Killer Shrews is currently in production. If not, you can catch up at the links at the end of the article.

It's being directed by Steve Latshaw and stars James Best (reprising his role from the 1959 film):

Also starring is John Schneider (ex-Duke of Hazzard and Clark Kent's father in Smallville), Sean Flynn (grandson of Errol), Jennifer Lyons (Desperate Housewives) and Bruce Davison (X-Men and a million other things), among others. Below James Best talks about the film:

Filming has been going on and though we have no clips for you yet, we do have some on-set comedy and song from Best:

Gallery of production shots:

Links to previous articles:
Sources: Website; Facebook page; via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood.

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