Monday, April 27, 2009

New Trailer: Pig Hunt

Pig Hunt (US-2008; dir. James Isaac)

Go here for more details.

Source: Fangoria

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update: The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy

More on The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy from director Thomas Smith:

Corey is failing Biology, and her only hope of graduating is an extra credit job as assistant to creepy Professor Purefoy. It's an easy job, but when Corey begins to wonder what's in all those boxes she's picked up for her teacher, what started off innocently soon spirals into a nightmare of physical and psychological manipulation. Forget graduating. Just try to survive.

The Terminators Trailer is Released!

The Terminators (US-2009; dir. C. Thomas Howell)

Institute of Seance DVD artwork

The artwork of the retro ghost flick short The Institute of Séance (US-2009; short [9 min.]; dir. Kevin Corcoran) has been released. Apparently, though the film is short, the DVD is packed with extras.

Ghoul Girl Pics

Kaiju Search-Robot Avery has scored a few shots from the upcoming "family"-made giant monster film, Attack of the 50 Foot Ghoul Girl (directed by Brian Nichols). Now you can check out the Ghoul Girl herself, as she's growing, along with (and I'm guessing here) (1) the mad scientist responsible) and (3) an intrepid aviator come to deal with the problem) ...

  • Source: Creepy Classics via Avery

More Bikini-Wearing Samurai Chicks Killing Zombies

Yes, it's the sequel to Onechanbara: The Movie [aka Chanbara Beauty] (Japan-2008; dir. Yôhei Fukuda). As we mentioned earlier, it's called Onechanbara: Vortex. We've had the teaser; now here's the full trailer:

Source: TwitchFilm via Avery

Friday, April 24, 2009

Transmorphers: Fall of Man

Paul Bales, one of the producers of The Asylum's Transmorphers prequel, Transmorphers: Fall of Man (US-2009; dir. Scott Wheeler), has sent us an exclusive "moment" from the new film.

Here it is:

Source: Paul Bales via Avery
Official website

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Trailer for George's Intervention

Remember George's Intervention? No? Well, we introduced you to it on Undead Backbrain last year. Basically it's about a bunch of friends who set up an intervention to help their friend George with his problem ... his problem being that he's a zombie and is killing and eating people.

Anyway, a new trailer has appear on Dread Central and the movie has really expanded in scope. Looks terrific!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Giant Snake: The Scout

While we're on the subject of giant snakes, it seems that Thai director Pleo Sirisuwan is in post-production of a follow-up movie to his previous giant-snake-in-the-jungle flick, Vengeance. This one is called The Scout.

Scouts visit an ancient temple to witness a lunar eclipse. Hearing campfire stories of the legendary god who protects the temple, they decide to go on a treasure hunt. Finding themselves lost in a parallel universe, they must find the way back before the end of the eclipse traps them.

The following teaser definitely does a good job of teasing me.

New: Megaconda

Breaking news is that Chris Ray, of Reptisaurus fame, is about to go into shooting of a new giant critter film, this one called Megaconda!

The director's famous father, Fred Olen Ray, reports:
As we're only a week a way from the start of shooting I guess it's alright to show our cards and announce that Chris Ray is undertaking his second feature film for us, Megaconda.

You might guess, it's a giant snake movie. It stars Greg Evigan and Stella Stevens, and also features Ted Monte and Mike Gaglio.
More news as it comes.
  • Source: Fred Olen Ray via Avery

Monday, April 13, 2009

New: The Institute of Séance

I like the look of this retro ghost flick:

The Institute of Séance (US-2009; short [9 min.]; dir. Kevin Corcoran)
Murder! The director of the County Institute of Science is found dead in her office, clutching a handful of feathers. A pool of blood, a locked door, no witnesses—the local constabulary is confounded. The Institute's eccentric sponsor convenes a séance in hope of discovering the truth. Can the victim return from beyond the grave to offer a clue to her own demise? And if she does, will she come alone?

"The Institute of Séance" trailer from Kevin Corcoran on Vimeo

Apparently The Institute of Séance will be showing at this year's Monster Bash and director Corcoran and lead actress Susie Anderson will be in attendance.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Ghoul Girl Street Scenes

Sorry, you can't see the Ghoul Girl herself... yet. But here are two more views of the set that the 50-Foot Ghoul Girl will no doubt trash in Attack of the 50 Foot Ghoul Girl, a "family film" directed by the ghoul girls' dad, Brian Nichols.

The film will premier at this year's Monster Bash in Butler, PA -- Nichols Family Flicks are apparently quite an institution there.

This information is brought to you by Kaiju Search-Robot Avery, the world's biggest supporter of genre micro-flicks.

Update: The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy

We last updated you on Doctor Purefoy here.

Now we've heard from director Thomas Smith about the progress of the small independent project and other news from Fighting Owl Films:
I've attached three new images from the filming of The Strange Experiment of Doctor Purefoy. Two of the images give us our first glimpse at the mysterious Dr Purefoy, while the last shows us Corey and Danny in action.

In other news, our previous film The Night Shift is now available on IMDb. The DVD retails for US$11 and can be purchased on our website. All proceeds from the DVD sales go towards helping us finance our first feature film. Stay tuned for the latest...
The Night Shift is an excellent independent short film, which we featured a while back on Undead Backbrain. Getting it in DVD quality would definitely be a Good Thing.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Update: Attack of the Giant Leeches

Brett Kelly, director of the new remake of Attack of the Giant Leeches, has been in touch to let us know that the DVD will now be available on 12 May, not the earlier announced April date.

Meanwhile, here is a first look at the full cover art. Click on the image to see it full size.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New: Jaws of the Mississippi

Jaws of the Mississippi (US; dir. Griff Furst) is about a radioactive shark -- and, though big, it may not be unusually so.

A massive hurricane devastates the Gulf of Mexico, with it a US government’s top-secret anti-bioterrorism facility. When one of its highly radioactive chemicals spills into the ocean, it triggers mutations in a great white shark, enabling its adaptation to survive in freshwater. As this shark wreaks havoc on local Mississippi River towns, it poses the additional risk of spreading this radioactive material and contaminating the entire freshwater system of the United States. Local fisherman Ward and his hillbilly crew are secretly hired to hunt down this shark, and when they find it threatening a group of teenage boaters, Ward must face his troubled past to save these kids and prevent further catastrophe.
The film is "coming to video" (presumably DVD) soon, from Active Entertainment.

Update: The Land That Time Forgot

Below we have a few images from the upcoming remake of the 1975 Amicus production of Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Land That Time Forgot.

The original was an effective "lost world" adventure, using early animatronic models and full-size puppets to create the dinosaurs.

The proposed new one will, no doubt, work along digital lines (though one of the images below includes a [dead] dinosaur that is clearly a full-size construction).

It is to be produced under The Asylum's banner and directed by C. Thomas Howell.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New: Attack of the 50 Foot Ghoul Girl

For those who don't know, Kaiju Search-Robot Avery is this small, multi-functional AI who can squeeze between the narrowest of pixels and ferret out esoteric information on upcoming giant monster and zombie films with a flick of his optical-fibre antennae, especially where low-budget independent cheapies are concerned. (Mind you, he can make himself very big -- daikaiju-size -- without any trouble whatsoever and when he does you know the place is bound to end up as a heap of crumbling celluloid.)

Well, Kaiju Search-Robot Avery turned up at my backdoor this afternoon with his latest catch and dumped it right there on the mousepad.

It's called Attack of the 50 Foot Ghoul Girl (US-2009; dir. Brian Nichols) -- a short monster-on-a-rampage family-oriented creature feature that is currently in production.

Avery's playback mechanism recorded Brian Nichols saying:
Thanks for asking about our movie! We've been showing our homemade monster movies at the "Monster Bash" for about 5 years now. My girls have played the "Ghoul Girls" in several of our movies. This time around one of my daughters will become 50 feet tall -- sort of a take-off on Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Our movies are really low budget but lots of fun to make (and hopefully watch). By the way, I'm the director and I'll be in the movie, too.
Known as a "Nichols Family Production", Attack of the 50 Foot Ghoul Girl will have its world premiere on Sunday, June 28th at the Monster Bash convention in Butler, Pennsylvania, where David "The Rock" Nelson is a regular guest of honor every year.

Creepy Classics Videos has provided a behind-the-scenes image of one of the miniature streets that the Giant Ghoul Girl will no doubt trash.

Says Brian: "This is the city street we're building. It has quite a ways to go before it's finished but this will give you an idea of what it's going to look like."

Good luck, Brian! I'm sure those who are able to attend with love it. Maybe you can put it up on the web afterwards so the rest of us can see it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick: Kungfu Cyborg Trailer

Twitch has grabbed hold of a trailer for Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (HK-2009; dir. Jeffrey Lau), which is still in post-production. Further upgrades to the SFX are promised, but from these scenes the SFX moments aren't too bad -- it's the weirdly Chinese tonal shifts that cause one to raise an eyebrow.

Anyway, this trailer wasn't meant for public showing, so who knows how long it will remain available? Watch it quick.

At any rate, you will see the giant robot cop in action:


This is an English version -- not so much dubbed as audibly translated. If you want, you can watch the Chinese version on Twitch.

Recently, director Jeffrey Lau "unveiled" the giant robot at a press conference:

When I first saw the conceptual artwork I thought it looked rather awkward and, well, unlikely. But I must say I'm more convinced after seeing it in action.

Update: Transmorphers 2

Now with a full title, Transmorphers 2: Fall of Man (US-2009; dir. Scott Wheeler) now has a poster. Once again, the giant robot is very big!

The Asylum's prequel to its Transformers-inspired alien-robot epic Transmorphers stars Bruce Boxleitner, Jennifer Rubin and Shane Van Dyke.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Update: Kungfu Cyborg

Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (HK-2009; dir. Jeffrey Lau)

Not so much a trailer as an animated logo!

Swords, Chicks and Zombies... Again

A sequel to Onechanbara: The Movie [aka Chanbara Beauty] (Japan-2008; dir. Yôhei Fukuda) has been announced. It's called Onechanbara: Vortex. Aya's back (though with a different actress, I think) -- a cowgirl-themed, bikini-clab samurai who hunts zombies in a world suffering through a post-zombie apocalyptic stage of Earth history.

Below a teaser trailer:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Day of the Triffids

The 1962 UK version of The Day of the Triffids was pretty good as a movie, despite its two barely related stories -- the main one by credited director Steve Sekely and another add-on by the uncredited Freddie Francis. At the very least it gave us the famous lines from the title song of The Rocky Horror Show: "And I really got hot when I saw Janette Scott fight a triffid that spits poison and kills."

As a version of John Wyndham's classic apocalyptic novel The Day of the Triffids (1951), however, the BBC's 1981 mini-series beats it hands-down. It stuck to the book as well as can be expected, and featured a memorable approach to the title ambulatory plants themselves, making them flower-like and rather beautiful, instead of the 1962 film's grotesque monstrosities.

Anyway, now the BBC has announced that they are filming the story again, this time directed by Nick Copus and starring the likes of Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Jason Priestley and Brian Cox.

In the not too distant future, man's search for an alternative fuel supply leads him to uncover the ominous Triffid, a crop now cultivated for its fuel that seems to have a life of its own. But when billions of humans are mysteriously blinded, the Triffids find their way out of captivity. Free to roam the planet with a fatal sting, and a retributive taste for human flesh, the Triffids begin rapid breeding.

Now Dr Bill Masen (Dougray Scott) must lead the brave in their epic battle against the Triffids' reign of terror in what could be the last days of mankind.
It sounds less apocalyptic than it might be and I hope the modern passion for neat resolution doesn't dilute the power of the original story by introducing some lame method of destroying the Triffids (as in the 1962 film, where it was sea water!).

Update: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

What we always want to see as a lead-in to these monster mashes is, of course, the critters. Paul Bales of Asylum Entertainment has sent along an early rough-cut of the titular stars of the upcoming Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus (US-2009; dir. Ace Hannah), engaged in their first conflict. You can read more about the film here.

Click on the image to see it bigger

And here is a brief clip of the actual sequence:

Cool, eh?

Watch out for more!
  • Source: Paul Bales via Avery