Monday, April 13, 2009

New: The Institute of Séance

I like the look of this retro ghost flick:

The Institute of Séance (US-2009; short [9 min.]; dir. Kevin Corcoran)
Murder! The director of the County Institute of Science is found dead in her office, clutching a handful of feathers. A pool of blood, a locked door, no witnesses—the local constabulary is confounded. The Institute's eccentric sponsor convenes a séance in hope of discovering the truth. Can the victim return from beyond the grave to offer a clue to her own demise? And if she does, will she come alone?

"The Institute of Séance" trailer from Kevin Corcoran on Vimeo

Apparently The Institute of Séance will be showing at this year's Monster Bash and director Corcoran and lead actress Susie Anderson will be in attendance.

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