Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don Sullivan and the Gila Monster: An Exclusive Update

Further to the Backbrain's previous articles on Gila, the remake of The Giant Gila Monster (US-1959; dir. Ray Kellogg), the Backbrain has learnt that original star Don Sullivan, who is coming back for the remake, will have a major role in it, playing a character named Dawes. Dawes is the iconic Knowledgeable Old Scientist, who relays the crucial information that they are dealing with a giant gila monster. Previous experience, perhaps!

Here are a couple of pictures of Sullivan on set, in his role as Dawes:

The Backbrain has also learnt that Dawes has provided the producers with songs originally written for the Everly Brothers -- with new lead actor, Brian Gross, who will be reprising Sullivan's original Chase Winstead character, singing a new recording of the "Mushroom Song".

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