Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update on Alien Grey: Zone-X

A restricted research area designated Zone-X -- reminiscent of the legendary Area 51 perhaps -- spawns aliens, alien-reengineered dinosaurs and invasive conspiracies. This is the premise of the independent scifi flick Alien Grey: Zone-X (US; dir. Thomas R. Dickens), which Undead Backbrain reported on a while back.

Director Dickens has dropped by to supply us with a new snapshot of one of the alien greys, just to keep things rolling.

Dickens reports:
The only thing new on AGZ-X is that I am continuing forward with the "Reptile Attack" section.  It is still in post-production.  It is looking great, but still a few shots to do.  The above is an image of an Orion Grey in the film, at the end of the Reptile Attack Sequence.  It looks a little goofy but is based on actual sightings.

Part of the film (65 minutes of an anticipated 120 minutes) has screened at the New York International Film and Video Festival,  where it gained awards for Best Actor, Best SFX and Best Film.

Here's the director being interviewed:

Go to the website for more information.
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