Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update on Daimajin Kannon

A previous article on Undead Backbrain revealed that Kadokawa Publishing had acquired the rights to Daiei's 1960s Daimajin franchise -- which featured a huge statue of a warrior that comes to life to get revenge on the wicked and those who don't show proper respect -- and were planning to produce a TV series based on the films, modernised under the title Daimajin Kannon. Well,  no further information is forthcoming at this point, but a series of images have surfaced. From the images, which as well as Daimajin himself show cast members (presumably), an alien Kamen Rideresque insectoid character and a very Japanese yokai with a bucket for a head, a few of the show's characteristics can be deduced -- though I'll let you articulate them for yourself.



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