Sunday, September 11, 2011

More on the Giant Monster Trip to Hawaii

More background videos for the upcoming puppet/live-action giant monster film, Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii (dir. Dane Neves) have become available. If you want some earlier info on the project, check out the Undead Backbrain article Update on the Giant Monster Attacking Hawaii and follow the links.

Or watch this new promotional video:

Meanwhile, here are some postcards from the monsters concerned. They're very considerate that way.

New Character Profiles:

On Green-Screen Filming:

And, yes, there's a giant robot involved! Here he is with his controller, Tom Hackett.

Doing Voice-overs:

Some More Pictures:

Above: Diane Ako, Dane Neves and friend

Above: Brent Watanabe

 Above: Jordan Harrison

Above: Michael B. Hardy

Above: Abercrumble and puppetmaker Sonny Vegas

Sources: via Avery Guerra; Facebook. Written by Robert Hood.

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