Monday, September 19, 2011

Update: The Angry Sea

Keith Wong, director of the micro-budgeted nautical epic The Angry Sea (US-2010; dir. Keith Wong) has sent two clips from his giant monster flick to the Backbrain. He says of them:
The first one is a behind-the-scenes clip and the second is an establishing scene from the movie. Sorry, I don't have a monster clip to show right now; although I could put one up I would like to show a shorter teaser before revealing the unusual beasts in detail.

Although the movie is at times very gory in nature, I tried to set the pace and tone of the non-scary parts with a traditional style of storytelling so that when the actual dramatic stings occur, they will be utterly brutal. Well, that's my hope anyway.
He promises to send more revealing updates soon.

Shot entirely in a living room, the full-length film's budget is US$3,000. It is still in post production.

I actually rather like the sense of dramatic artifice created by the low-budget effects. Wong has embraced that approach, of necessity perhaps, but without trying to hide it. As theatrical aesthetics constantly illustrate, naturalistic realism isn't necessary in order to create an involving and effective dramatic experience. Hopefully this will be a case in point.
  • Source: Keith Wong via Avery. Written by Robert Hood.

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