Sunday, October 30, 2011

News Update: Underground Lizard People at AFM and Cannes

Back in January, the Backbrain featured a new film chronicling the discovery of a race of lizard folk living under downtown LA, "based on actual eye-witness accounts". It's called Underground Lizard People and was directed by Jared Cohn.

The Backbrain has been sent an update on the film's current status, so listen up!

"Underground Lizard People now has distribution with [independent distribution company] R Squared Films," said director Jared Cohn, "and is coming to the American Film Market in November. Buyers should go to Suite 212 to check it out and chat to us about it!"

Buzz Remde of R Squared added: "We're very excited to feature Underground Lizard People this year at both AFM and Cannes in May 2012. We feel that Jared has done a great job on this and we are looking forward to presenting the film to buyers at both events."

Source: via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood

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Anonymous said...

I strongly urge everyone to see this film. I've researched these lizard people for 25 years and have found evidence that they are real and living in caverns around the world. This film looks like it explores the topic while dramatizing some of the victims. Bravo.