Monday, April 16, 2012

Update: Metamorphosis

Back in early January Undead Backbrain posted an extensive article on an in-production film of Franz Kafka's existentialist masterpiece Metamorphosis -- a 1912 novella in which the main character is transmogrified into a large insect, quite at random and without naturalistic explanation. The rationale for the change lies in its metaphorical meaning -- a literary technique that is a key element of surrealist writings.

It seems clear from what we've seem so far that Swanton's Metamorphosis will be a dramatic combination of absurdist horror and dark fantasy. In the words of the press release:
Kafka's prose is vividly visualistic in its attention to striking detail and cartoon-like grotesqueness. It presents a surreal world within a naturalistic framework, a wholly credible externalisation of inner doubt, guilt, despair, self-disgust, self-pity and the laming fear of inadequacy and failure.
Yet it should not be overlooked how intentionally funny Metamorphosis is, and with what laughter it was received when Kafka read it aloud to his friends.
But where is the production up to? Director Chris Swanton has sent us this update:
After far longer than I ever anticipated, the film was finally completed last week, except for the technical exercise of marrying up the picture and sound in the post-production house, but that should be fairly straightforward. I don't know that we will make a new trailer, unless I can think of a way of not revealing too much of the insect... The first screening, intended for sales agents and distributors, will be in London on Tuesday 1st May. I am now in the process of trying to get the film into various festivals. Wish me luck.

The film has an excellent cast, as outlined in the Backbrain article, but it also boasts a very experienced crew. Here are the details (click to enlarge).

Metamorphosis looks as though it will be an extraordinary film. Hopefully it will find its way to a wide audience.

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