Saturday, May 9, 2009

New: It Ate His Face

Nice title, eh? It's the Truth-in-Advertising title of a new independent horror flick that features rampaging prehistoric parasites. From the trailer they don't appear to be particularly large, but they are insistent.

It Ate His Face (US-2009; dir. Aramis Sartorio)

After setting out to research an unknown section of the great lakes in Michigan, four adventurous students find themselves battling crazed rednecks, and something lurking in the water the hasn’t evolved in over 250 million years. This prehistoric parasitic monster has turned the once quintessential eco-system in this small town flat on its back and all living creatures are soon finding themselves prey to it. Initially distracted by the good time they are having and the loss of their friend’s brother in a sick and twisted unexplained accident only a month before, they find themselves trapped in a gruesome situation as old as time itself - will they kill or be killed? They will discover that this evolutionary phenomenon is as deep and wide and dark as the great lake they came to research - if they survive.

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