Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gehara on DVD

At last Chohatsu Daikaiju Gehara [Long-haired Giant Monster Gehara; Geharha, The Dark and Long-Haired Monster] (2009; short; dir. Kiyotaka Taguchi) has been released to DVD.

DVD and Blu-Ray editions became available in Japan on 30 September. The version of the film offered is the "Director's Cut", running 21 minutes, rather than the 17-minute version that was aired on NHK’s late-night series “Play TV: Perform!” and was available on the web. Gehara was later screened at the 2009 Yubari Fantastic Film Festival where it came in 2nd place in the Yubari Fantaland grand-prix.

New Trailer:

Both DVD and Blu-Ray releases have English subtitles and include the following extras:
  1. Monster Movie Special [49 minutes]
  2. Making of the full version [63 minutes]
  3. Promotional video [1 min]
  4. Plus an audio commentary by Jun Miura (screenplay), Shinji Higuchi (Executive Producer) and Taguchi Kiyotaka (Director)


(more images available here and here)
In Ishikawa prefecture, mysterious incidents occur frequently and there is always a tangle of long, creepy hair left behind. Newspaper reporter Hideo Akihara is so interested in the story on the news that he rushes to the hospital where a survivor of the incident is hospitalized. The survivor is hairless. . . Undertaking an investigation, Hideo stumbles upon a shrine and learns about the hairy monster Gehara. Meanwhile, the monster appears in Kanazawa city and is engaged in mortal combat with defense forces. . . (adapted from CDJapan)

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Evan Brehany said...

Awesome! A directors cut is just we need! And a sequel... Great news guys!