Saturday, February 11, 2012

Breaking News: Rat Scratches Appear on DVD

The breaking news is that Rat Scratch Fever (US-2009; dir. Jeff Leroy) -- which you can read about on Undead Backbrain -- is at last arriving on DVD and you can get a first look at the cover art right here.

The release date for the DVD is 10th April and it's coming to us through Media-Blasters' new horror label "Meat Shriek Show" and distributed by Allegro Media Group. You can pre-order the DVD here.

This is pretty exciting news for giant rat film fans (and who isn't?), as Rat Scratch Fever looks like a lively and affectionate entry into what is a long tradition of rat-based B-monster flicks.

As a side note, it should be said that our resident newshound Kaiju Search-Robot Avery votes for an earlier version of the artwork, as seen below (not that democratic processes are likely to enter into this!):

What'd you think?

Source: Jeff Leroy via Avery Guerra.

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