Thursday, January 1, 2009

All Good Lakes Have a Monster

This time it's Smith Mountain Lake in the Roanoke Region of Virginia. And, yes, it has a monster -- or at least, displaying proper levels of cryptozoological ambiguity, it might have.

What it certainly does have, though, is spectacularly beautiful sunsets!

Inspired by the beauty of the artificial lake and "the kindness and warm spirit" of its community, Life Out Loud Films is set to begin production of a drama that showcases both. It's tentatively called "Lake Effects", which may not tell you much but is strangely appropriate.

Lake Effects (US-[in production]; dir. Michael J. McKay)

This is the story of a family raised on the lake. The oldest daughter moved away to Chicago to become a Lawyer, the youngest, an artist, now teaches art at the local elementary school and lives with her parents. When Dad dies in a sudden accident, the oldest sister returns home to SML [Smith Mountain Lake] to settle Dad’s estate. The next few weeks at the lake are filled with discoveries, tears and laughter as the two daughters finally understand why it was so important to Dad that they grow up on the lake. For Mom, it is a journey of understanding what the lake means to her personally rather than through her husband’s eyes. Of course there is humor as a local oddball leads a search for a Loch-Ness style monster/cat fish he believes lurks in the lake’s depths and a few real SML characters make appearances. It is at the end that these worlds all collide at the Wine Festival on a heartwarming and hilarious collision course. (LOLF website)
Life Out Loud Films seems to be an idealistically driven independent film production company, aiming to create opportunities "for independent and creative spirits to collaborate and produce quality films that challenge the mainstream, present human reality and speak to the heart."

Does the lake monster make an actual appearance, I wonder?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, the website contains a lengthy article on the genesis of the project.

An epiphany while visiting her parents leads to movie producer's decision to focus action, lights and camera on Smith Mountain Lake...

Source: Life Out Loud Films website via Kaiju Search-Robot Avery

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