Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Update: Galactic Raiders

Remember this chap?

He's from the stop-motion indie scifi film, Galactic Raiders, which we first introduced on Undead Backbrain back in April last year.

Galactic Raiders (US [in post-production]; dir. Larry Arpin)

For those who missed it, here is the teaser trailer:

Director Larry Arpin has sent the Backbrain (via Avery) a bit of an update as to the progress of the film:
Thank you for remembering me and my project. Actually, it is going quite well. I've been animating a lot. Trying to finish up reel 1. I have one more creature to go for this reel, but I have to block out what I've done so far to see what is best. I recently went to Barstow to shoot back plates on the weekend of the California fires and am right now finishing up scenes for reel 2. After this, I will be concentrating on the trailer. I am only a few months behind, and the best news of all, even during these hard financial times, I am freeing up some money so I will be able to go out and finish the remainder of the live action. I wish I can show more, but everyone will have to be patient. As long as I am working and in good health, it will be done. I promise.
No worries, Larry. We'll be patient ... though we may squirm with suppressed excitement every now and then.

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