Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Giant Monster Birds

Another B-flick from the SciFi Channel, this one creature-featuring giant monster birds mutated from (going on the DVD cover art) some sort of butcher bird, gene-spliced with pteradactyl DNA (going on the trailer). As indicated by the symbol on the DVD, we're once again dealing with a contagion -- perhaps the most popular fear preyed upon by contemporary horror films.

Flu Birds [aka Flu Bird Horror] (US-2008; dir. Leigh Scott)

A bunch of the usual teen/20-somethings get eaten and/or infected with the virus. Check out the trailer below (or go to YouTube for an HD version):


Bird of Paradise said...

The one on the DVD cover looks adorible even with the eyeball in his beak

Undead Brainspasm said...

He's definitely got a "Who me?" vibe about him.