Thursday, December 31, 2009


So what do we make of this?

InALIENable (US-2008; dir. Robert Dyke)

Impressive genre cast: Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Walter Koenig (Star Trek -- and he wrote InALIENable), Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: the Next Generation), Erick Avari (various Star Trek series, Heroes, Daredevil, Stargate SG-1), Courtney Peldon (Skin Walker, Mortuary, and even a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode), Gary Graham (the Alien Nation TV series, Necronomicon, and, yes, an episode of Star Trek: Voyager), Jay Avovone (several episodes of The X-Files) ... and more.

Oh, and I apologise for the ad....

For Avery....

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