Sunday, December 13, 2009

Update: Amphibious 3D

More from Brian Yuzna's giant-arachnid-acting-badly flick, Amphibious 3D (Indonesia/Netherlands-2010; dir. Brian Yuzna) -- touted as Indonesia's first 3D movie -- which we last met on Undead Backbrain not long ago.

Produced by San Fu Maltha and Komodo Films, the film is scheduled to be released mid-2010 (November in the Netherlands, according to IMDb) and stars Michael ParĂ© (Bloodrayne, Bloodrayne 2, Virgin Suicides), Janna Fassaert (Couples Retreat) and Francis Magee (London River, Sahara, Layer Cake and Ricky Gervais' upcoming Cemetery Junction), among others.

Michael Pare (US) : Jack Bowman
Janna Fassaert (Holland) : Skylar Shane
Monica Sayangbati (Indonesia) : Tamal
Francis Bosco (Singapore) : Boss Harris
Francis McGee (UK) : Jimmy Kudrow
Verdi Solaiman (Indonesia) : Andi
t.b.c. : Bimo
Mikael C. Jehian (Indonesia) : Aris
Mohammad Aditya (Indonesia) : Big Rudi
Steven Baray (Indonesia) : Rizal
Herlian Ujang (Indonesia) : Nanung
Bambang B.S. (Indonesia) : Tamal’s Uncle


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