Sunday, December 20, 2009

Have She-Rex Around for Christmas!

Prolific independent filmmaker Brett Kelly has asked Avery to remind readers that his latest dino epic -- "a tribute to the classic comedy of yesteryear" -- is now available on DVD.

Slapstick "buddy" humour (ala Abbott and Costello and the Ritz Brothers)! A lost island jungle! Lots of sexy cave-gals in fake fur and the huge T-Rex that they worship! In the same vein as Queen Kong, Caveman, Africa Screams, and other wacky horror/comedy monster romps of days of old! No digital dinosaurs employed! All stunts performed totally without CGI! What more can you possibly need for Christmas?

Oh, did I mention the gorilla?


The movie, complete with director commentary, photo gallery and trailers, is available from Amazon and direct from the folk that made it. You can also purchase She-Rex as a digital download for the cost of a cup of coffee!
This advertisement was brought to you by The Avery Battles Independent Film Support Institute. No money was involved -- just like the films themselves.

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