Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Rock, Gator Gal and the Snow Monster

No-budget trash-film maniac David "The Rock" Nelson premiered his latest film, Gator Gal [aka Alligator Woman, Gator Girl], on Chicago's WGNTV News this past Halloween. It was received, as always, with great enthusiasm by Rock's local fans:

(For the sake of completeness, here's an early promo he rang in to the station promoting his Halloween preview and trying to find a "voluptuous woman" to play Gator Gal pre-transformation.)

I have no idea if "The Rock" ever found his starlet, but the latest development comes via the world of wrestling:

So it seems that Nelson -- who plays Gator Gal himself -- has been attacking Chicago All-Star Wrestling champs! Below are snaps of Gator Gal with James "Lord Wellington" and "The German SUPAman"!

"The Rock" wanted to thank James "Lord Wellington" for sending him the pictures.

As a bonus for the long-suffering readers of Undead Brainspasm, we now offer a preview of an even more recent horror epic by  David "The Rock" Nelson, aired on WGNTV's Voicemail program on 9 December:

Message from "The Rock":
Until next time, my "Fiends", have a "Spooky-Fun" week, weekend & beyond, enjoy some good, ol' Monster movies, with some "munchies", "'Monster' Soda", "Java", or your drink of choice, & have a good, ol' time! Your "Fiend", "Rock"! David "The Rock" Nelson, "The Ed Wood of the Future ... & Beyond That, Even", -- & "dang" proud of it! "Yah, hah, heh"!
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