Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Blarghaaahrgarg DVD Giveaway!

Okay, repeat after me: "Blarghaaahrgarg!" Say it again without trying to drink from that beer can this time: "Blarghaaahrgarg"!"

Now you can win a copy! Free!

Blarghaaahrgarg is a new independent horror-comedy film written and directed by Nuria Leon Bernardo and produced by Clones Productions in Lisbon -- creators of Papá Wrestling. The film premiered at Motelx last October and has been an official selection at assorted festivals throughout Portugal, the UK and the US, including the Leeds International Film Festival and Tohorror Film Fest. 

Blarghaaahrgarg is about "an exterminator, a man in a dressing gown, a cat and a monster." Actually there's other stuff, too, including buckets of blood. It's very nicely made and funny, and features a completely old-school monster -- you know, an animatronic puppet made of paper-maché or something. Classic stuff.

Blarghaaahrgarg (Portugal-2010; short [15:18 min.]; dir. Nuria Leon Bernardo)

Zeca is a loser. He lives with his grandmother and works as an exterminator. One day, while working, Zeca has an accident which will spawn the meanest, ugliest, most horrible monster ever.

Director and writer - Nuria Leon Bernardo
Special effects and animatronics - Fernando Alle
Producers - Luís Henriques & Pedro Florêncio
Cinematography - Tiago Augusto
Thanks to SFX guy Fernando Alle and the wonderful people at Clones, we're giving away 5 copies of the DVD. Just send your name and address (including country, folks) to Undead Brainspasm at "Blarghaaahrgarg Giveaway" in the header. Every entry we receive over the next two weeks (provided the film's name is spelt correctly) will go into the draw and five winners picked at random by my cat Pazuzu -- who's intrigued by this rat, but a bit disturbed by certain feline-related aspects of the film itself.

Okay, you don't have to spell the name correctly.

If you need added enticement, here's the trailer:

... and the theme music, which is heard over the credits:

Thanks to Fernando and the Clones.

Sources: Official website (check it out for info on how to order the DVD and to learn more about the Clones); via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood

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