Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exclusive: Retro-SF Horror in Invasion of the Reptoids

We all know there's humanoids reptiles everywhere, right? Some live underground (see this Brainspasm article on the Underground Lizard People). Others come from outer space. Of the latter, there's those with a big budget (such as the V TV series remake), and there's those that do it on a shoestring.

Invasion of the Reptoids (US-2011; dir. Ted Moehring) features humanoid reptiles from outer space that are doing it tough. The film is, according to its director, "chiefly a homage to the classic Sci Fi/Monster movies from the 1950s and filled with references to many of them and is inspired by some of the Reptoid conspiracy theories". These aliens don't have the giant CGI spaceships and advanced technology of the Vs, but they have rayguns and are much uglier!

You know about the Reptoid conspiracy theories,yes? Well, briefly, it seems that invading reptoids have been infiltrating significant positions in governments worldwide for decades and may even live right next door to you. So next time you notice your neighbour cooking bugs on the barbie of an evening be very suspicious.


Aliens invade and terrorize a small town. Why do some of the townspeople seem to know more then they should about the aliens? And what secrets are the military hiding?


Conrad Brooks looking for Plan 10


  • Conrad Brooks (Plan 9 From Outer Space)
  • George Stover (The Galaxy Invader)
  • John Link (Spiderbabe)
  • Kurt Strouse
  • Leeann Fassbender
  • Edward X Young
  • Cedric Crouch
  • Dave Getzoff
  • Lisa Lovecraft
  • Joseph Michael
  • Special FX/Makeup by Marnie Beitz and MLA Creations
  • Additional FX and Makeup by Edward X Young
  • Associate Producers: Cedric Crouch, Dave Getzoff
  • Music: Cedric Crouch
  • Written, Directed, Produced, Photographed and Edited by Ted Moehring
Source: Ted Moehring via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood

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