Thursday, February 26, 2009

New: The Scarab

We've been sent some exclusive shots from a superhero flick by busy independent filmmaker Brett Kelly (Attack of the Giant Leeches remake, Pirates: Quest for Snake Island, Iron Soldier) , who was interviewed at length on Undead Backbrain a while ago. The film is called The Scarab and it's based on the 1940s Nedor Comics hero.

A superhero tale of a hero attempting to keep his nemesis from acquiring an ancient scroll of extreme power. It is up to THE SCARAB and his mysterious associates to keep the evil SPHINX from using this power for his own vile ends.

Characters include:
  • PETER WARD - our protagonist, archaeology professor who in the course of the story becomes the hero, The Scarab.
  • THE WOMAN IN RED - A mysterious female spy who always appears clothed in red.
  • PROFESSOR JOAB - Peter's mentor, a scientist who brings the mysterious scarab stone to Peter's attention.

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