Friday, March 13, 2009

New: Brain Dead

Kevin Tenney, of Witchboard (1986) and Night of the Demons (1988) fame, has appeared at the helm of a newish zombie flick, about to be given a limited theatrical release by Monogram Releasing. It sports a title that's been used twice before, once by an excellent psychological horror thriller directed by Adam Simon (1990) and once (joined into one word) by Peter Jackson's brilliant 1992 zombie splatter comedy, known in the US under the naff alternative title Dead Alive.

Brain Dead (US-2007; dir. Kevin Tenney)

A small rock crashes into Earth’s atmosphere and lands in the head of a fisherman. The rock however is not the problem; the trouble stems from the brain-sucking slime that hitched a ride in the rock. It turns its host into a zombie and reproduces, converting others into brain-eating monsters. Soon enough a group of wanderers, including a couple of jailbirds (Joshua Benton and David Crane), two med students (Sarah Grant Brendecke and Michelle Tomlinson) and a reverend and his secretary (Andy Forrest and Cristina Tiberia), hole up in a cabin in the woods, hiding from the knowledge-seeking creatures lurking outside.
The publicity for the film describes Brain Dead as a "gruesome and terrifying tale that brings good ol’ violence and T&A back to the genre" -- though from some recent cinematic experience I wasn't aware it had left. At any rate, this film is touted as: "Overflowing with gore, gratuitous nudity and special effects, Braindead is an over-the-top horror that delivers the goods, and then some."


It opens at select theatres on March 20th. It's not much use for my Aussie readers, but for those of you in the US, here's where you can see it:
Nova Theatres
Moline, Ilinois

Nova Georgia
340 Tanger Drive
Commerce, Georgia 30529

Studio 10 Cinemas
1624 E. State Highway 44
Shelbyville, Indiana 46176
Movieline: 398-FLIX(3549)

Georgetown 14 Cinemas
3898 Lafayette Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46254
phone: (317) 291-3456

Nova 10
4353 Merle Hay Road
Des Moines, Iowa 50310

Movie Palace Cinemas
1231 Woodland Drive
Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701
phone: (270) 769-1505

Dixie Dozen Cinemas
6801 Dixie Highway
Louisville, Kentucky 40258
phone: (502) 935-3771

Theatres of Georgetown
401 Outlet Center Drive
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324

Branson Meadows Theatres
4740 Gretna Road
Branson, Missouri 65616
Branson Meadows Outlet Mall
Phone: 417-332-0464
Movie Hotline: 417-332-2884

The Amp Oxford Mississippi
206 Commonwealth Boulevard
Oxford, Missouri 38655
Movie Hotline: 662-236-4080

Portsmouth Cinemas
1623 Chillicothe Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662
Movieline: 355-FILM(3456)

Lake Geneva 4
244 Broad Street
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147
  • Source: Official Press Release

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