Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weird Japanese Zombies: Tokyo Zombie

Just released in Australia on DVD (through Madman Entertainment) is this piece of Nipponese weirdness:

Tokyo Zombie
[aka Tôkyô zonbi] (Japan-2005; dir. Sakichi Satô)

Looming over a future Tokyo is "Black Fuji" – a massive stinking mountain of garbage and a popular place to dump anything from toasters to dead bodies. However, something within the toxic mountain is bringing the dead back to life and infusing them with an insatiable hunger for human flesh!

Nearby at a fire extinguisher factory, two bored employees practice jujitsu while their boss is away. With enough practice, one of them reckons he can train the other to be a world champion. And certainly what better way to practice their martial arts – on the unleashed hordes of the undead!


Source: Madman Entertainment

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